Expedition to the Lampuki Buoy


Lampuki buoy

Join us in exploring uncharted waters in close proximity to fish farms, where unique encounters with marine life await you.

The expedition will unveil the secrets of the open sea just four miles off the coast, at a buoy positioned near fish farms. Our goal is to explore uncharted territories and observe diverse marine inhabitants around this focal point underwater.

What makes this adventure truly unique? You will immerse yourself in an undiscovered area, encountering rare and thrilling experiences with the underwater world. Collect evidence of wildlife by observing the natural gathering of marine creatures around fish farms, creating a vibrant underwater ecosystem.

As for the choice of the buoy for our underwater explorations, this unusual location was selected for its functionality. Local fishermen use these buoys to catch Lampuki, creating a unique trap in the open sea. A shadow is cast under the buoy using attached palm branches and leaves. This trick attracts small fish that rise to the light beams at night and seek shelter in shaded areas during the day. Consequently, a large number of small fish congregates around these buoys, providing an ideal feeding ground for Lampuki.

Speaking of Lampuki itself, it is far from the ordinary perception of grey fish on fish market counters. This fish captivates with its beauty, showcasing golden-blue and green hues on its body and a brightly yellow tail when alive. The color of its body can change depending on mood or surroundings, giving this marine inhabitant a unique character. Only after death does the color of Lampuki fade, leaving behind a gray memory.
Join our diving expedition and discover the waters where adventures become reality, and the underwater world brings incredible impressions!

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10:00 – Departure from Portomaso

11:00 – Arriving to 1st dive site

11:30 – 1st dive

12:45 – Heading to 2nd dive site/free time.

14:00 – 2nd dive

15:30 – Return to Portomaso

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