Dive Boat DPV Expedition

Tour Description:

This two-dive dive trip is designed for experienced divers looking for new experiences and have already dived at most of Malta’s famous sites. We offer a unique opportunity to explore new, unexplored reefs and underwater valleys from a DPV boat, making your dive experience rich and full of new experiences.

Marker buoys will be provided for those who wish to do so. With their help, you will be able to mark interesting places. Our skipper will record these points so that we can return to them later for additional research or repeat dives and map the site.

Zonqor Point area:

Personal experience: 

We started the dive from the top of the spit at 8 meters into the open sea. The gentle slopes densely covered with algae transitioned smoothly into a valley of rocks. A succession of reefs allowed us to enjoy the diversity of the Mediterranean landscape. There were often small reef mazes, which added to the drive (for those on DPV). Beyond this valley, there was a descent to 20m depth, cut by bizarre canyons and hollows, ending in lakes of white sand. Then a steep wall 10 metres down framing a valley covered with white sand with a series of scattered boulders at a depth of 35 metres.

Outer Munxar Rock:


This is an underwater mountain starting at 5 meters and gently descending to 20 meters, followed by a wall with a depth of over 35 meters. This is a fairly large area that should be very interesting to explore. There is also a tuna farm nearby, which is sure to attract various marine life closer to this mountain.

Personal experience: We have not dived at this site yet, but the map shows that it is a promising place to explore with DPV.

We will have an hour and a half between dives to rest for pizza and a briefing.

Additional expedition gear

As the dives are done quite far from shore, there is a possibility that the diver will start surfacing before returning to the boat. For safety reasons, we insist that each diver has a personal safety buoy (SMB) and recommend a marine or pneumatic whistle.


  • Personal Safety Buoy (SMB)
  • Underwater knife or cutting tool

Recommended equipment:

  • Underwater scooter (DPV)
  • Marine whistle or pneumatic whistle
  • Marker buoy

Dive locations:

Your dive trip:

09:00 – Departure from Kalkara marina

10:30 – Arriving to 1st dive site

11:30 – 1st dive

12:30 – Heading to 2nd dive site/free time.

13:30 – 2nd dive

15:00 – Return to Kalkara marina

Book your place on a boat:

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The boat:

Each and every dive trip on our boat includes the following extras:

Fresh water