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Casper wreck

Historical notes:

The steam ship, 1880-1920 built, found in 2014 by a team of technical divers. It was never identified and named “Casper”.

Diving experience:

The stern of the ship remains intact, with the propeller and rudder visible on the starboard side, while the bow of the ship is either missing or hidden in the sand.  We can find the boiler system, located in the middle section of the ship and in relatively good condition. This system allows us to look inside and see the cooling system and fittings, but there is no manufacturing plaque, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact origin and age of the boiler. The boiler itself is impressive in size, measuring over 10 feet (about 3 meters) in length and about 5 feet (about 1.5 meters) in diameter.

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Blackwater Diving

Blackwater Diving is an exciting form of scuba diving that allows adventurous divers to dive into the open ocean at night, offering an otherworldly experience unlike any other underwater activity. Unlike traditional night dives along reefs or rocky shores, Blackwater Diving plunges divers into the deep (100 metres +) open sea, where the lack of light from the surface creates a backdrop as dark as the night sky. Here divers encounter an impressive variety of marine life that cannot be seen during daylight hours, making this type of diving a must for those looking for the unusual.

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